10 Things you should never do while camping

10 Things you should never do while camping


No matter what part of the world you’re from or plan to go camping there are some pretty common mistakes campers make. While you probably won’t do everything on this list, I’m sure there are some things you have done and weren’t aware of.

So let’s take a look at 10 things you should never do while camping, I’ll give some examples, explain some scenarios and let you know why you shouldn’t do them.

The 10 don’ts of camping

camping 10 things you shouldn't do

1. Leaving fires unattended

leaving a fire unattended could start a much larger fire than the one you originally started it could spread and wipe out sections of forests and scrublands not to mention the devastation it can cause to wildlife, homes, and land.

It’s wise to never lave a fire burning while unattended not just for your sake but for everyone else’s.

2. No generators after dark

This one really applies if your camping in a caravan park or communal campgrounds. You really should switch off the generator before 9 pm or 10 pm. This is just good camping etiquette. If you are camping in a forest with no one for miles, then leave that puppy running if you got the fuel to burn.

3. Don’t forget the first aid kit

Many campers forget the basic first aid kit, likely you won’t need much a bandage or two, some band-aids, some antiseptic lotion. Keep it simple your not a doctor and sewing your self up in country can cause more problems if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s best to put compression on a wound and get to a doctor asap.

However, if you forget the basic’s I mentioned above you may not make it to the hospital. You should always remember the bare essentials when it comes to first aid.

4. Don’t leave rubbish behind

This is something pretty much every camper does, yes there a few lovely souls out there that pack every scrap of rubbish and waste to take with them when they leave but a lot if not most don’t.

When camping anywhere you should always respect nature and leave it as you found it. Never let just one bit of plastic blow away with the wind, never just leave one empty can of drink on the ground.

Don’t lie to yourself and say “but it’s only small or it’s only one can”. If everyone had that attitude next time you go to your favorite campsite it will look like a rubbish dump.

5. Don’t disturb the natural order of nature

Never mess with the ecosystem, wildlife and the general natural order of the wilderness. If you see an untouched stunning place to camp but you also see a campsite 50 feet away that’s empty, you should probably take the established campsite. I know that Instagram photo would be so tempting but it’s not worth it.

All I can say is, think of nature as one of your children, care for it, protect it, and love it. If you want to have this beautiful outdoors to enjoy for years to come be the example to other campers as well.

6. Don’t rush campsite set up

Never rush your campsite set up, get to camp early so you get to avoid the darkness and the heat. Spend some time finding the right camp location and consider the options. I wrote a post about setting up the perfect campsite check it out here – Perfect campsite made easy.

The reason behind this is, you wouldn’t want to be re-setting up at night if a sudden cold change comes through, you don’t want to realize once you’re in your sack that you picked the rockiest and root-ridden patch to pitch the tent just to name a few things. If you rush things in the wilderness it will cost you.

7. Never wander off alone

Never wander off alone from camp, always let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be back. This works the same for when you go camping alone, always tell someone where you camping and when you plan to return.

Camping can be dangerous and I’m not trying to wrap the world in cotton wool, I’m just saying it’s Murphy’s law the unexpected will always happen when you’re unprepared. It’ll be that one time you didn’t say “hey I’m going for a walk” and that will more than likely be the time you trip and fall or something worse.

Always tell someone where your going and when you should return while camping.

8. Never forget camping entertainment

Possibly the worst thing you could do for your boredom is to forget some entertainment while camping, there are only so many hours you can sit and listen to the birds or the sounds of the wind.

I wrote a post on called 22 fun camping games and activities you might wont to check out. These should help you break up your time and help you from getting bored.

9. Never overestimate your abilities

While it’s good to be confident and trust in yourself, don’t think your Bear Grylls or Ray Mears and put your self in danger thinking your abilities are far better than they truly are.

These guys are survival experts not to mention they have a full camera crew and probably a doctor on hand while doing the stuff you see on tv.

10. Don’t plan poorly

There’s a military saying titled the 7 P’s “Proper Planning and Practice Prevents Piss Poor Performance”. These are truly words to live by.

If you don’t take the time to plan your camping trip properly you could end up in the world of hurt.

Never let the comfort of your own home persuade you to forget to plan for a darker day.

Check the weather, check local laws, check animals found in the location your planning to camp, Take a look at your gear, set it up a few times in the back yard or local park, see if it all works.

You need to research everything. Planning ahead only takes a few hours and could save you needing a holiday from the holiday or worse.

Bonus tips & information about camping

bonus camping tips

Camping In hot weather – want more information about camping in hot weather I wrote a great post on that here: tentreport.com/tent-camping-in-hot-weather

Fun games & activities for your camping trip – Check out this post I wrote on 22 fun games & activities for your next camping trip: tentreport.com/22-fun-camping-games

How to set up a campsite fast & simple – Want a crash court in finding and setting up a campsite check out this post: tentreport.com/set-up-camp-site-for-beginners


Hopefully, these tips get your mind thinking enough to prepare your camping trip properly and with a lot of thought. Don’t be that guy kicking himself, hours from home without toilet paper and busting for the toilet.

If this post helped you or you just enjoyed it, please leave a comment or rate this post. You’re feedback is much appreciated. Thank you and have a great time with you’re next camping trip.

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