22 Fun camping games & activities you should try

22 Fun camping games & activities you should try


Today I want to share some fun camping games and activities that many people Will have to try on their next camping trip. I’ve Tried to list my all time favourites and some other special activities I would love to try. I sectioned the games by their ideal campsite, Woodland camps, close to water camps, snow camps, and I threw in some classic games just for good measure.

This is a solid list of games and activities and I’m sure you will find something you’re going to do next camping trip.

5 Classic camping games

1. Cricket

An affordable fun camping game you can try with the kids or friends. This game is played all over Australia and is a backyard favorite.

The Rules – 1 hand one bounce and you’re out. Catch the ball before it hits the ground your out. hit the ball and you have to run to markers, spaced 2 meters to the left and right of the wickets. Get bowled out and you’re out. The stumps are normally 28 inches (71.1 cm) tall.

You can pick up and bat, ball and stumps for pretty cheap.

The rules can change a little according to who is playing and the space you have to play the game in, that’s the beauty of backyard cricket.

2. Frisbee

A fun camping game that never gets old. frisbee is one of the cheapest toys you can grab that provides tons of fun for the kids and adults. the nice thing about frisbee is it’s lightweight and super portable. It’s not going to take up much room at all so it’s a must-have game to take camping.

The Rules – Well that’s the great thing about frisbee you can make up games with frisbee so there could be endless rules you could create to make it more competitive. for the basics though it plays a lot like catch.

3. Board Games

Board games are another classic. I’d suggest taking some of the classic board games we all probably know and love.

  • Monopoly
  • Connect 4
  • Battleships
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Uno

The thing about these board games is, they have travel versions that are a little bit smaller in size making packing them for a camping trip just that tiny bit easier.

4. Kick The Footy

Go for a leg of the footy, an Australian favorite but slowly making its way across the seas. You can pick up a cheap football for next to nothing and it will provide hours of fun with multiple ways of playing.

The Rules

You can play a small game of footy with just 4 players 2 on 2. You can keep it simple and just kick the footy to each other. or you can play a game we call Marks up, it’s where there are 3 or 4 + players one person kicks the footy to the remaining group of people and they all have to fight for the catch who wins the catch then goes up to kick the ball to the group.

5. Charades

Charades is a fun camping game and is pretty simple to play. I must admit I never win.

The Rules

Choose a player to start the game. The player thinks of a book title, a famous person’s name, a saying, a movie title or a song title to pantomime. He should choose something with which the others will be familiar. If you like, designate a category like sports or Disney.

The player then pantomimes the word or phrase he’s chosen to the other players.

Here are some common clues used in charades:

  • To indicate a book, pretend to read a book.
  • To indicate a song, pretend to sing.
  • To indicate a movie, pretend to crank an old movie camera.
  • To indicate the number of words, hold up that many fingers. (Then hold up one finger before pantomiming the first word, two fingers before the second, and so on.)
  • To pantomime a word that rhymes with the word you want players to guess, first tug on your ear to say “sounds like.”

The first person to guess the word or phrase gets a point.

If you like, divide into teams before playing. Players from each team take turns pantomiming for their teammates. The first team to guess the word or phrase gets a point.

Keep track of the points earned by each player or team. The one with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Charades Rules Provided by : Family Education

6 Great Activities For Camps Close To Water

camping near water

If your camping close to the water, you might want to try some of these great activities. A few of them are a bit pricey but if you have the funds why not splashout and have some real fun.

6. Water Skiing & Wakeboarding

Is tons of fun but will require a boat, water skis or a wakeboard, however, if you have these or are willing to rent them then this could be a great way to have a wild time on the water while camping.

7. kayaking

Kayaks are getting cheaper and cheaper, and there are many affordable models out there for you to buy, there is almost always an option to rent one as well at most caravan and camping parks.

8. Snorkeling

the cheaper option is snorkeling, you can buy an affordable snorkel for only a few bucks on Amazon or eBay, it’s well worth the money and can provide hours of fun. Finding what’s hidden under the water can be a wonderful adventure.

9. Swimming

By far the cheapest option, it’s totally free. most caravan and camping parks have swimming pools and depending on where your camping the river is a great place to swim. Caution: just make sure you know what lives in the water where you’re deciding to go swimming.

10. Fishing

A family favorite and a great way to bond with your children & friends. Fishing is actually pretty cheap. You can buy rods for under 20$ these days and a small tackle box with hooks floats and sinkers is also rather cheap.

You really don’t need the best of the best gear when fishing, so long as your having a relaxing time.

11. Jet Skies & Boating

This is by far the most expensive option and I wouldn’t suggest buying a boat if you hardly ever will use it but if it’s something you, your friends and family will love and cherish then you really might want to consider this as an option for fun on the water.

Boats and jet skies are just so much fun and are possibly one of the best ways to enjoy the water while on a camping trip. You can find options to rent them for a few days around most tourist central campsites, caravan parks, and marinas.

6 Fun Camping Games & Activities For Woodland Camps

woodland camping

12. Scavenger Hunts

Though scavenger hunts seem like something a child would play there is still some enjoyment in it for adults if you change a few of the rules up.

Here’s a great resource for kids scavenger huntsChildhood101.com

Adults can get a little more creative but i’ll leave that to your imagination.

13. Hide & seek

Another classic and there is no better place to play hide and seek than in the woods. After a few camp drinks to warm the belly even an adult could enjoy this activity.

However, this one will keep the kids entertained for an hour or more. You could also change up the rules and play a version of hide & seek I learned from Peppa Pig with my son called sardines.

14. Archery & Slingshots

This one is seasonal and really depends on your local laws. So make sure to check your local laws before bringing along a bow or sling but if it’s legal where you are the woods is a great place to practice your aim.

15. Shelter Building & Primitive Skills Training

It’s nice to hone your skills and why not practice them with your children or family while camping in the woods.

Build a small shelter or bird watching hunt out of dead trees and grass. You could practice a plethora of skills while out in the woods and this will help develop your primitive skills further while having fun.

Some ideas for primitive skills

  • Fire Making
  • Camp Cooking
  • Mud Brick Making
  • Clay Pots
  • Weapon Making
  • Drying Rack Building
  • Make A Camp Chair
  • Make A Camp Bed
  • Practice Cordage Making
  • Knife Skills
  • Learn About Wild Edibles
  • Trapping
  • Tracking Animals, just to name a few.

16. Hunting

This one really depends on where you live in the world and again is dependant on local laws and customs, you should never go hunting without permission and the proper licenses.

If you get the all clear and have the equipment then this is a great fun filled day that could yield you some dinner too.

17. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a awesome way to get some exercise and it’s also a lot of fun if you can carve out a few trails through the trees. You can cover a lot of distance on a bike, so it will allow you to see more of the area your camping in.

5 Fun Activity Ideas For A Winter Snow Camp

18. Snowball Fights

Another great way to pass the time, and a classic in the movies. However, if your like me and live in Australia this is only a dream.

19. Build A Snowman

A great way to enjoy some family time with the kids.

20. Make Snow Angels

always gets a laugh and you can make a whole snow angel family.

21. Go Sledding

The closest I’ve ever come to sledding is on sand, but I could only imagine how much fun this would be in the snow.

22. Build A Snow Fort

You could make a very elaborate snow fort using a snow brick mold, you can pick these up pretty cheap online or make one from some scrap laying around the shed.

Bonus Tips

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To Summarize..

Try some of these fun camping games & activities with your family, children, & friends. They are sure to make your next camping trip a load of fun.

Don’t be scared to change the rules on some games or even use your imagination and create something completely new only you and your friends and family play or do.

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