5 Essential Tools to take camping in any conditions

5 Essential Tools to take camping in any conditions


When going camping you should consider taking some key tools to make life easier around the campsite. Besides the basics such as food, your tent, sleeping bag, and camping pad. You might want to consider 5 other tools.

I really want to state that this post is purely for people that have sorted the basic camping items out. This post is just for tools and maybe a few items some people might have overlooked or not thought of outside the basic scope of packing for a tent camp weekend. however, if your going tent camping and forget the tent you really should leave a comment and let me know you want a basic list of things you should take camping. I’d be very happy to help.

The thing is the tools you will need, will depend on where you’re going camping. So in this post, I’ll break it down and list 5 tools for snow camps, 5 tools for woodland camps, 5 tools for desert camps, 5 tools for camps close to water, and 5 tools recommended for every camping situation.

Top 5 Tools For Camping Anywhere

5 essential camping tools

While taking specific tools for certain campsites is ideal, there are 5 tools that will be useful everywhere. Consider packing these handy tools for your next camping trip.

  • Knife or Multi-Tool – This can be used in many ways and for that, it is a very useful tool for any camping situation.
  • Fire Starting Tool, Waterproof Matches – no matter where your camping a nice fire is a great way to relax at the end of the day and in some camping situations a warm fire could mean the difference between life and death.
  • Axe – A handy tool used to chop trees, with a multitude of uses.
  • Paracord – Always have lots of this in your pack, used for tying stuff together or setting up a tarp to block out rain or wind. Use paracord for a lot of uses and saves you from making cordage.
  • First Aid – This is a given you never know when your gonna need a bandaid.

5 Tools for snow camping

snow camping

Snow camping presents its own set of challenges unlike that of a summer camp. And in honesty snow camping requires a lot more preparation and in most cases lots more items and tools. Once you have your basics, you will need a few tools to make life easier.

Side note: When I say basics, I mean winter sleeping bag, a quality tent made for snowy conditions, warm clothing, and food. I should also add this post is about tools, not items. Once you have those main items you might want to consider these 5 tools.

  • Snow Shovel – a must have it will help you carve out the landscape without getting frostbite on your fingers.
  • Compass & map – hard to get landmarks in the snow, everything can look the same. Using a compass and a map is a must.
  • Quality Flashlight & spare batteries – a flashlight is a must if you want to see in the dark. stumbling around in the dark in the snow is not my idea of a good camping trip.
  • Thermal blanket – a thermal blanket is probably something a lot of people forget but these silver in color thin blankets are a must to stuff in your pack. they take up no room and can help with shock and hypothermia. It is an aluminum film blanket which is designed to retain body heat.
  • Ice Axe – Very different from a normal axe. If you like climbing or hiking in the snow this tool may help you stop taking a nasty fall or slipping and sliding all over the place. Used predominantly in the accent or decent of mountains and trails covered in snow and ice. You can read more about ice axe’s on Wikipedia here: Read more on Wikipedia

5 Tools for woodland camping

woodland tools

Woodland camping is one of my favorites, it feels so good camping in the woods. when camping in a woodland environment I’d suggest bringing a few tools some I’ve already mentioned above.

You could get away with just bringing my 5 tools for camping anywhere with only the addition of 1 or 2. However, In order to make this post a little meatier, and give you the best possible information I can provide. I’ll suggest 5 tools & items you will want to consider.

I’m going to list some items as well here because most of my recommended tools are listed in my 5 tools for camping anywhere.

  • Saw – a handy tool used for sawing down larger trees to make a number of things. a handy tool when camping in the woods filled with trees.
  • Water purification – Taking a quality water purification system when camping in the woods is ideal. In fact, having this in any camping situation is a good idea.
  • Tarp – a tarp is a very useful item and though this breaks away from my top tools list I was originally going for I think a tarp can arguably be listed as a tool. Tarps can be used for a number of applications one main one is shelter.
  • Bug Repellant – Mosquitos are quite bad in woodland areas, due to still & stagnate water sources found around the woodland camps. Make sure to take some bug spray.
  • Slingshot / Bow & Arrow – not legal everywhere and in some seasons but if the time is right this is a tool you want in your kit. if not for hunting but just for the fun of target practice slingshots and bows are my all time favorite tool for woodland camping.

5 Tools for Desert Camping

desert camping tools

Desert camping is not something the faint of heart attempt, in fact, there are not many people willing to even consider it. However, if your brave of heart and are looking for a challenge desert camping is a truly amazing experience. The sunsets and sunrises make the sunburn and dehydration totally worth it.

In this list of tools im going to have to include items purley because you really don’t need many tools in the desert and the space you would save not taking a bunch of tools you really should use that space for water.

  • Solar Still – A useful tool in the desert if your water supply is getting low. There are plenty of commercial options available but a solar still is quite easy to make cheaply.
  • signal Mirror – This is a great way to get someone’s attention if you find yourself stranded in the desert. A great tool for flagging down planes and search and rescue choppers.
  • Plastic Bag – a very versatile thing in the desert, tie it around some green branches and wait for the water to be created through condensation. or just use it to gather rainwater. you can also use it to put rubbish in.
  • Chapstick – Desert sun can be brutal and having a chapstick in your kit will help soothe your lips, make sure it’s SPF rated.
  • Magnifying Glass – a handy way to start a fire in the desert and also nice to view things up close.

I wrote a post on dealing with the heat in your tent – Link: Tentreport.com/tent-camping-in-hot-weather You might find it helpful when camping in the desert.

5 Tools for campsites close to water

In my own opinion camping near a lake or river is some of the best camping to be had. There is just so much fun you can have. However, this post is not about the fun you can have camping though I did write a post on that here Link: Tentreport.com/22-fun-camping-games

In this section, I’ll list 5 tools/items you will want to take camping when you pick a campsite close to a large water source. These are just what id suggest taking with you as an extra.

  • Fishing Rod – If your near water and camping one of the best things you can do is go fishing. fishing is a great way to get some food and to pass the time.
  • Inflatable Raft or kayak – having a raft of some sort is a great way to travel on the water. can also help to get to spots otherwise not accessible
  • Snorkel – a good snorkel can help you dive deeper and see more of the underwater life. Not to mention gather food from underwater.
  • Spear Gun – a very useful survival tool on land and in the water, it’s a great way of catching food.
  • 2 x Empty Glass Bottles – having enough drinking water even when camping near water is still an issue, and having a good method of distilling water is a really smart move.

Watch this video on water improvised distillation Using Bottles


Well in this post I have told you my recommendations for the top 5 tools in any camping situation. Regardless if your snow camping, desert camping, going to the lake or heading into the woods. I have listed the best tools & items to make your life easier.

now in some cases, the tools I’ve listed can be taken to any campsite regardless of where it’s located for example you can take a signal mirror to every location, not just the desert. so read the entire post and all the lists because pretty much all the tools I’ve listed are useful in all situations. Also, I didn’t want to mention the same tool or item twice.

If you enjoyed this post check out this other great post I wrote titled: 10 things you should never do when camping.

As always I hope you found this post helpful if you did give it a rating. If you have more questions maybe you want to add something or share your knowledge, you can leave a comment or join our new community and share your skills in the forums.

Thanks again for your time and enjoy your next camping trip from everyone here at Tent Report.

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