Hi, my name is Becca Monaghan, I’m originally from Taiwan. I came to Australia 3 years ago and while I was here I meet a wonderful Australian man. We have since married and are expecting our first child this year.

Before we were married we would camp all over Australia enjoying this beautiful country. My husband and I decided that we should create a blog helping people by providing quality information on TentsCamping, Bushcraft, Survival, Preparedness & The Great Outdoors.

We wanted to build a community around this helpful content so we could also learn more about camping and survival. And that’s why we have forums, groups, Activity Feeds, and live chat options for every registered member of tent report.

Between my husband and I, we have more than 28 years of camping experience and have camped all over Australia and Asia in a tent. Our website is a combination of that experience and a desire to help people better enjoy the great outdoors while camping.

We are still learning and to be honest Tents, Camping, Bushcraft, Survival, Preparedness is something that you’re forever learning, there are endless amounts of information to take in and apply in real life.

We try to focus on written information posts that have derived from an actual camping situation we have personally been through and learned from. Having camped for so many years has given us a 28-year course in camping, allowing us to honestly share great information that actually works in the field.

We thank you for inquiring about us. we really hope you enjoy the site and have a great time on your next camping trip.