What is the average campsite size in Australia

What is the average campsite size in Australia


When traveling through Australia tent camping or just planning a great weekend with friends or family, you have 2 ways you can camp. Sometimes it’s free camping outside of the parks that charge. The other times your camping in a local caravan park.

Have you ever wondered how much space your actually allowed to take up in the caravan park site? & what is the average campsite size in Australia?

I’ve noticed not all caravan and camping parks have anything marked out. It kind of leaves you to wonder, how much space can I use.

The answer is, On average tent campsites in Australia vary in size, but we see an average of about 6 meters x 7.5 meters in NSW, SA, WA, ACT, QLD, TAS & VIC. These numbers seem to be fairly consistent across the majority of camping parks.

This answer is just an average and some of the smaller sites are 4 meters wide while some others on the larger side are 10 meters wide. We have found that the Length of some campsites around Australia can be anywhere from 5 meters to 10 meters. This is how we arrived at our average 0f 6m x 7.5m

Choosing a campsite that accommodates your need

It’s a good idea to choose a caravan and camping park that suits you as a person or family. if you have a large family and a park can’t offer you space but is trying to charge you for 2 campsites, then they might not be the right caravan and camping park for you.

You will find in most places there are 2 or more camping parks in the area, So you normally have a second and third option. I’ve found that the second or third caravan park is a bit smaller normally quiet and quite a bit cheaper because the other two get all the business.

campfire friends

The only downside to this is they might be lacking the extra modern stuff the other parks have. however, they will probably let you stretch out with your campsite a few meters here and there without charging you extra.

Long and short is do a little research and find the right park for you sometimes the perfect park doesn’t mean spending a lot of extra money.

Car parking

Caravan parks offer car parking, sometimes this parking is not right next to your tent though and can be anywhere from 30 or so meters away. The caravan parks that offer you car parking away from your tent location usually offer a smaller tent camping space so keep that in mind.

Calling a campsite in advance to book

My advice is to always call ahead of the campsite your planning to book. Regardless of the season or public holidays. If you communicate with a caravan park there’s a great chance they will be able to accommodate you and your needs for a fair price. Arriving and then asking is a little bit more complex.

Don’t forget when calling ahead ask about the specific campsite size in that particular park. Doing so will make sure 100% you’re going to have enough room.

Tent size suggestions

average tent size

While it’s great to have a large 15 man tent for only 2 people, you will find it’s not worth the hassle (or maybe it is for you). For 2 people a 4 man dome tent should be more than enough with some room to spare.

It’s a good idea to have at least 1 extra man of space for the number of people you’re taking. This is subjective, but I feel this is the best practice when considering comfort. You don’t want to be all squashed up together and people move in their sleep.

Friendly packing advice

While packing for a camping trip to me is the worst part of the trip. Over the years I’ve learned a few things to make it easier. They are really simple, Never take more than you need. Always have enough food & water and that’s it.

Follow this packing tip and you won’t even need to worry about campsite size 🙂

Best time to camp in a caravan park

Over the last 20 years or more of camping I’ve learnt going off season times is the best for so many reasons. Maybe that’s cheap of me, but hey money doesn’t grow on trees.

If I can get the exact same experience for half the price is most cases just because I went camping a month earlier or later than everyone else that’s what I would do.

Try not to go camping on a public holiday in Australia, caravan parks bump the prices up big time during these times. during the so-called summer months as the prices are higher aswell. sometimes it can’t be avoided.

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Well, I hope that helps to choose the right campsite based on your preferences a little easier. in this post, we covered the average tent campsite size within Australia. We also gave you some advice about packing light, Choosing the right campsite based on your needs and when you should go camping to save some money.

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