Tips for buying a camping tent

Tips for buying a camping tent


In this post, I want to give you some suggestions & tips for buying a camping tent. Hopefully, this post will help you decide what tent to buy and give you peace of mind after purchase that you made the right decision.

For the most part, choosing a tent is quite easy and this post will help you see that there are only a few things you should really consider when purchasing a new tent.

I believe if you follow along with this post you’ll purchase the perfect tent for your needs.

Choosing The Right Tent For You

Sometimes choosing anything to buy can be hard, It’s your money and of course, you don’t want to waste it and make the wrong decision. Let’s face it a 4, 5, 6 and above man tent, these days are rather expensive.

That means buying your tent is not something you want to rush into without the proper research. More importantly not something you want to waste your hard earned money on.

choosing the right tent

Let’s help you find what you’re after, by answering these simple questions about what you expect your tent to do for you and what your plans for use are.

This is not a sales page just helpful information on choosing & then buying the right tent for your needs.

1. Choosing a tent size that fits your needs

Before buying a new tent one question you should ask yourself is how many people am I planning to sleep in this tent. do I want some room to move?

I propose that in some cases it could be a better idea to have 2 smaller tents than one big large tent. This is something that families with children might want to consider.

I also find Large family tents 12 man tents and above can take a long time to set up and are a bit complex.

You could use 2 x 3 man, dome tents for a family of 4 and be very comfortable while setup would be super easy. This allows you to enjoy your camping trip instead of setting up your tent all afternoon.

The added bonus of taking a smaller tent is its weight.

Choosing the right size tent for you is something only you can answer, but it’s important to think about the possibilities. It will help you answer the next few questions as well.

2. What time of year will you be using the tent?

what time of year are you camping

Another thing to always keep in your mind when purchasing a tent is what type of conditions will you use your tent in.

If your camping in summer and it’s always hot then pick a summer tent, the same goes for winter. If it’s snowing and cold pick a winter tent. if it’s both types of conditions pick a 3 season tent. knowing this will help you narrow down what sort of tent your after.

3. How often will you use the tent?

This is something a lot of people don’t even consider when buying a camping tent and I really believe it’s super important.

How much time a year will you spend in your tent, do you camp often each year or will this tent be for 1 or 2 times a year?

Will you be spending a month or more in your tent at a time or only the weekend.

Knowing this will give you an idea of what material you might want to go for, how durable you are going to need your tent, What other features your going to need if long stays are in the cards and ultimately how much you are willing to spend for those features.

4. Would you like extra room?

choose a great tent

While choosing a tent that fits the number of people sleeping in it comfortably is the way to choose the right tent. You might also want to consider if you want some extra space inside your tent for other things.

Let’s use an example:

What if it’s raining and you’re out camping and you want to play inside well if you picked a larger modular style tent you could have a whole family room just off the sleeping quarters allowing for everyone to come together and play board games or other fun activities as a group to pass the rain.

If you only had sleeping quarters it will be a very long day breathing each other’s breath, unless you could find some other sheltered communal area.

Another example:

Having the main sleeping area with a large covered vestibule area outside for cooking dinner or dining, while this would still provide protection for the sun or rain.

Consider this when buying a tent and include it or rule it out as something you want from your tent.

5. Do you need to stand inside your tent?

tall tents for tall people

Another feature you might want to consider is height. Do you want to be able to stand up in your tent? do you find it hard to get up once you get down and does climbing around on the ground inside your tent sound appealing to you?

If your the type of person that wants to walk around inside your tent then maybe buying a camping tent that has some head room is something you might want to consider.

While being able to stand tall in a tent is not a major feature for all people. There are some people out there with back problems that love camping but find it hard being bent over for a minimum of 2 days and nights.

With that said if you like the idea of standing tell in a tent, you might want to consider those features in your next tent.

6. How much are you willing to spend on your tent?

how much to pay for a tent

This is possibly the most important question you have to ask when buying a camping tent, and I don’t care what anyone says. You could want this and that, but unless you have the money to pay for it you’re stuck with a 25$ El Cheapo tent.

So honestly answer Question 1 & 2 and then be realistic with how much your willing to invest in your tent. No point spending 5k on a tent you will use once a year.

However, if your planning to use a tent 8 or more times a year for a week or more at a time then yes 5k is not too much to spend, so long as it ticks all the boxes you set for its requirements.

Bonus tent buying Information you should consider

How much should I spend? – depends on you, if a tent is quality and meets the requirements you need then it’s really dependant on what your willing to pay.

Rule of thumb for sizing – Try to buy a camping tent 1 man size bigger than the maximum number of people you wish to have sleep in it, this allows for movement in the night and a night of better sleep.

Canvas or nylon? – This is only something you can answer both have there pros and cons. For me I love canvas it’s good all round durability is top notch. Repairing is easy too. however, it can be very heavy.

Nylon tents are great too, they wash easily, dry easily, are normally a lot lighter, keep well, and in most cases are a bit cheaper than their canvas counterparts

It really comes down to you but if you’re asking me if I was going for a wilderness camp for a week or so I’d go canvas no doubt. If I was in a caravan park id go nylon it’s just more convenient.


Buying the right tent is simple if you truly understand what you want before purchasing. Id advise doing some research and finding the perfect tent using the above tips.

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