10 Essential Tips For Camping With A Cat

10 Essential Tips For Camping With A Cat


Ever wanted to take your cat on a camping trip? But thought “oh, no way!” for one reason or another. well, you have come to the right place. Today I’m going to tell you what you need to know to make it happen, in my 10 essential tips for camping with a cat.

1. Make a vet appointment for your cat

When planning to go camping with a pet whether it be a dog or cat, you really should make sure they have seen the vet prior to leaving for your trip.

Making sure your cat is healthy enough to go camping is a good idea. While your at the vet you should make sure all medications and are topped up and current.

Doing this ensures your cat doesn’t fall ill while your away and the peace of mind is a bonus.

2. Gather Your cats registration and papers

This is a pretty important thing to remember if you’re going camping make sure you bring all relative paperwork for your cat.

Being without these could become a nightmare so it’s best to bring them along for the trip.

This includes things like, registration, last vet check up, extra scripts for medication etc..

3. Find a cat friendly campsite

Image source: Canva, find them in our DevCred page

Camping with a cat is just as easy as with a dog. however, a lot of caravan and camping parks won’t let you bring a cat.

So your best option if planning to stay in a caravan park is to ring and ask before assuming your cat is welcome.

If all else fails you will have to go camping incountry away from the tourist parks. The tips in this post will apply for both types of camping, so don’t worry.

Possibly the hardest thing you will need to do when camping with a cat is find somewhere to camp.

4. Pack a cat first aid kit

While cats are pretty tough and your probably not going to need to perform surgery on them, it is advisable to bring some basic first aid for your pussy cat.

Keep it simple, alcohol to clean the wound, and a bandage to wrap it up. Maybe some wound irrigation solution for good measure.

There really is not a great deal you can do and I wouldn’t suggest pretending to be a vet while camping.

Just patch them up and get them to a vet as fast as you can, This is the best course of action for any problems greater than a small cut.

5. Bring a cat tent or playpen

There are lots of great ways to house a cat while camping, getting them a tent or enclosed portable playpen is a good idea.

Putting them in a travel carrier to get to a campsite and going for walks is a decent way to move your cat from place to place. Leaving them in such a small space the whole camping trip is a bit much and borderline cruelty.

Cats really like to stretch their legs and need a bit more room to be the awesome feline friends we adore. This is why I suggest getting them a tent of their own or a portable playpen.

If you decide like I did to buy a tent for your cat or you could go the playpen route, it will need to be fully enclosed so they can’t escape, Yet make sure they can still see the world around them. side note having lots of mesh is nice.

Cats like to scratch so buy something made of durable material or it won’t last as long.

You can decorate the tent or playpen with pillows, toys, kitty litter tray, food & water, treats, balls of string, a scratching post, etc..

Adding some of these things will help your cat feel more comfortable in the confined space.

6. Sleeping arrangements for your cat

Sleeping arrangements are not that difficult with a cat & you have 3 options.

  • Put them in a cat carrier.
  • Put them in a tent or playpen.
  • Let them sleep in your tent with you.

While each of these options has pros and cons it will really come down to the temperament of your cat and what they feel most comfortable with.

Try all the options and see what works best for you and your pussy cat.

7. Dealing with your cat during the day

The problem with most cats is they like to play and wander off. They really have a mind of there own.

There’s a saying I was always told about cats as a child whenever my cat wouldn’t come to me when I called.

You never own a cat they are too independent. They will come when they are hungry or need a cuddle.

My Mum.

So I learned to use food as a lure but that’s another story.

The best course of action for dealing with a playful cat that wants to wander off during the day when you want to relax with the family, is, stop the wondering.

You have a couple of options and some are better than others and it’s up to you how you feel about them and what method you choose.

  • Tether and stake, run some para cord from one stake to another and tether the cat to that line allowing the cat to run around but only on the tether line.
  • Put them in a tent or playpen, putting them in a cool cat tent or playpen is another great option and I feel this is a lot better. Just make sure the tent doesn’t get too hot, don’t want to boil pussy.
  • Put them on a leash, while this will work and by all means yes do this here and there throughout the day. You will find you can’t do this all day, so if you wanted to tie the leash to a tree and let them play for an hour or so, do it.

NOTICE: Never tether or tie a cat to anything and leave it unattended, they could get tangled in the leash or manage to get loose.

If your cat is like mine it’s getting old and the last thing it wants to do is run and play. she will just sit next to whoever is patting her all day.

Normally when the pats stop, she’s brushing up against everyone and everything trying to get attention. running off is never the problem with my cat Saylem.

Image source: Canva, find them in our DevCred page

8. Pack lots of treats for your pussy

Pack lots of yummy treats for your kitty cat, By Packing lots of treats and lots of your cat’s special foods, you will inevitably be helping it feel more comfortable and secure.

You will know what your cat really enjoys for food and treats, I could suggest somethings but I’m sure you already have a good idea of what your precious kitty loves.

9. Bring toys & creature comforts of home

Try not to forget this tip and I know sometimes when camping the car is full of everything, and there is not an inch of room for things like cat toys and special comforts of home for a cat.

However, I really think you need to try to make the room. Cats need this reassurance and reminder of home. It keeps them comfortable and feeling safe.

Go the extra mile for your feline friend, Pack as many of their favorite toys treats and creature comforts. Even if it’s simple stuff like a pillow they sleep on, All will aid in giving your kitty the feeling of home.

10. Cat food, water & eating bowls

Pack some water, milk, your cat’s favorite drinks and the same goes for your cats dry & wet foods. I’d also suggest you bring your kitty cats water and feed bowls. This will give that comfort of home feeling for them when eating.

Whats really important to take away from this?

I think the most important thing to take away from this list is you have to sort out sleeping arrangements and what you’re going to do with your cat during the day.

I stand by getting your cat a tent of its own.

I will suggest buying a tent for your cat that has lots of mesh. You don’t want your cat getting too hot during the day and tents are known for getting hot.

I’ll write a post in the future about choosing the right tent for your cat. if people want to see that leave a comment below.

While tethering, putting your cat on a leash, leaving it in a box, or a tent, you should never leave them unattended while camping. Someone will always have to look after them.

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