10 Crucial Tips for Camping with Your Dog

10 Crucial Tips for Camping with Your Dog


I love my pooch and she comes camping with us now and then. I also know many of us consider our dogs more than just a pet. Our dogs are just like our family. For some people considering a camping trip without them is not an option. In this post, I’m going to give you 10 Crucial tips for camping with your beloved Pooch.

While taking mans best friend (dog) on certain holidays is not always viable. Camping is by far the best & safest time to take your dog away for a holiday. Follow along and learn more about camping with your family pet, so both you and they have a wonderful time on your next camping trip together.

Crucial Tips For Camping With Your Dog

Let’s dive right in so you can get things organized for your next camping trip with your beloved pooch. This post will cover everything you need to know about camping with a dog.

1. Vet Check Your Dog Before Your Trip

camping with your pooch

First things first you’re going to have to get your dog friend checked out with the local vet. By doing so you ensure that your dog in tip-top shape for your camping trip.

I’d suggest asking that your dog is

  • Healthy enough for a camping trip
  • That your dog’s flea and tick medication is up to date.
  • That other issues you know of will be ok during a camping trip.

camping with a sick dog is not a great experience, camping with a dog that should not be camping is even worse. Allow your Vet to give your buddy a quick once-over before you take them on a trip they can’t handle.

This isn’t intended to be scary or make you feel bad. The point of this is just to make sure that your pooch is in the best shape it can be in order to handle what could happen in a camping situation.

2. Find the right Pet Friendly campsite

Choosing the right campsite for you and your dog can sometimes be nerve-racking, not all dogs are calm and well behaved. the best option in this situation is to call ahead and book a campsite and ask them questions about camping with your pooch

Things I would ask

  • How many dogs do you expect when I arrive?
  • My dog barks at movement is that a problem? if so can we have a campsite further away?
  • Asking a host of questions about your dog and the experiences the park owners have had with other dogs, can’t hurt either.

Finding that perfect campsite shouldn’t be too hard these days, dogs are a very popular camping companion.

However, if you can’t find the right caravan and camping park for you and your best mate. You could always try camping in the bush or backcountry this option is free in most cases but does present some other challenges.

3. Don’t Forget The Dog registration & papers

Something you can never forget when camping with your dog is registration and all other appropriate documents and papers.

While in most cases there is no registration police patrolling around getting ready to snatch your pooch.

You will be wishing they were microchipped, tattooed, and registered if they do somehow run away from camp.

Ensuring that your dog can be identified and that once it is identified, it has current registration is a must for peace of mind.

4. Pack a Dog First Aid Kit

Being prepared for your family is something that most do without even thinking. But sadly lots of people forget about their dogs.

It’s not a sign that you don’t love them, I think the reasons for everyone are different. With that said your reading this post so there are no excuses to forget now.

Pack some basic first aid for your dog, really won’t need much some cotton balls, bandages, alcohol wipes, sports tape.

The most you could do for your dog in a first aid situation is bandage a sore leg, maybe wrap a cut foot.

I will add, bringing a muzzle for your dog is a good idea and something you could add to your first aid kit.

You’re not going to be performing surgery but it’s nice to have some medical supplies for the beloved family pup.

5. Bring a Tether, Stake & Lesh

If your dog is not the most obedient and likes to run off the moment it’s off the lead.

You’re probably going to want to bring an extra long Leash, tether and a big stake. While you’re at it, a mash hammer to pound the stake it wouldn’t hurt.

Securing your dog during the day is a good idea if your pooch fails to listen. It will also mean you’re not holding on to a lead all day while trying to enjoy your camping trip.

You can either use a stake and tether or just a big tree and some rope, either will work fine.

6. Don’t forget Dog Food & Water

While it’s unlikely your going to forget the dog’s food and water I believe it’s important to double check this and make sure it’s packed.

However, these days you can buy dry dog food from nearly every shop. So if you did forget the food I’m sure you will find some on your way to camp.

I’d also suggest bringing a water bowl and a food bowl for your mate. Some creature comforts of home never go astray.

7. Cleaning up the dog poop

Regardless if you are camping in a forest or a caravan park with your dog, you must always pick up the poo.

I know it’s not fun picking up poopies but it has to be done. While some would argue it’s nature, and animals poop in the wild.

It’s just good behavior to pick up after your dog even if it’s in a forest and no one will ever go there to step in it.

8. Sleeping arrangements for your pooch

One problematic thing about camping with the pooch is where will they sleep. You pretty much have 4 options to make sure your dog has a safe night’s sleep.

  • Put them in the car for the night
  • Tether them outside and let them sleep on a dog bed
  • Let them sleep in the tent with you
  • Buy them there own cheap tent and let them camp in there.

I feel letting them sleep with you is the best option, while maybe not the comfiest option for you. It will ensure your dog doesn’t run away at night.

9. Dog Treats & Rewards

If you’re still in the early training stages with your dog, I’d suggest bringing lots of treats and rewards. Teaching your puppy some tricks while camping is a good use of time.

Reward your pup for not running off, reward them for sitting and all the other good things they do while camping.

Having a bag of treats for your mate might help positively keep them in line.

10. Doggy Games & Toys

You’re never too old to play and dogs are almost always down for a few games. Bring some of your dog’s favorite toys along camping.

By bringing along your dog’s favorite toys you will help your pup have a good time, get exercise, feel secure and not homesick.


All in all camping with your pet can be an amazing experience if you plan properly. This checklist will surely give you the best advice to make sure your camping trip with your dog is trouble-free.

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