Essential tips for choosing the right tent for your teenager

Essential tips for choosing the right tent for your teenager


Choosing the right tent for your teenager is quite the task. While you may have some idea about what to look for, there are some really important factors you might want to consider before making a purchase. Keep reading for some helpful tips to remember about buying the right tent for your teenager.

If your struggling to find the right tent for your teen or just want to make sure you’re on the right track, then this post will help you greatly. I have 6 simple things to think about, That could save you from making the wrong purchase.

6 Things To Consider, When Buying A Tent For A Teenager

In this post, I’ll explain the simple tips you will need to know to buy the perfect tent for your teen. It’s really not hard at all to choose the right tent for a teenager even the most difficult one. so read the following 6 tips for choosing the right tent for your teenager.

1. Is Tent Color Important To Your Teen?

One thing to consider is when buying a tent for your teen is? what color does your teen want their tent to be and is color an issue at all? Asking your teen if color is an issue would be a good place to start.

You will find tents do come in a range of colors but certain models won’t have the color that your teen may like. This is just something to keep in mind.

With how fashion conscious teens are these days color may be an issue for them.

2. Is Tent Design Important To Your Teen?

I personally think tent design for teens is a huge thing. While you will find in most cases a 2 man dome tent will be more than appropriate for a teenager.

However, you may find your teen wants something else. So ask your teen what style they feel most comfortable sleeping and camping in,

While tent design and style will probably not be a deal breaker. By no means should it be the one reason you buy a tent, But it is something that should be considered when purchasing a tent for your teenager.

3. Does Your Teenager Need A Tent That’s Easy To Set Up?

I think this is super important, for a few reasons. One main one is the ease of setup, and the chance to reduce parts being lost.

If you have camped with over complicated tents before you know there are always extra parts and bits, that in some cases add to the weight you have to carry but more so there are extra parts of tent that can be left behind.

I Don’t know about you but I heard many times some teenagers tend to be forgetful and with a complicated tent theres a greater chance things will be left behind.

Also, it’s important to note that with a simple 2 or 4 man popup dome tent you can reduce the pack carry weight minimize on parts without sacrificing the comfort of sleep, space, color, and design.

All in all, in my opinion, a simple dome tent is the way to go for a teen.

4. What Weather Conditions Will your teen be using the Tent?

Tents have season ratings on them. so depending on what type of weather conditions your teenager might be using the tent in, will help you decide.

4 season tents are for harsh winter, extremely wet or high wind climates. in most cases, you will find a 3 season tent will be more than suffice for your teenager.

5. Average Tent Size For A Teenager?

Well regarding length and width a good size tent for a teen is a 2 man tent but teens would be most comfortable in a 3 or 4 man tent this will give them ample space to move around in there tent.

I suggest the larger tent, it won’t add much to pack weight and it will still be easy to set up. but extra space in some cases is not necessary and larger tents cost more.

A 2 man tent will be more than enough to sleep and put some gear inside.

6. Does The Brand Matter ?

Brand too most teens when it comes to camping brands is not even an issue it’s not really something a lot of teens will pay attention too. However, I would suggest you as a parent do consider it.

A good brand in most cases will mean a superior product. A well made and durable product is something that matters. so I would suggest buying a brand name tent just because you want it to last & will get a warranty in some cases.


There’s not much to when Choosing the right tent for your teenager. It’s a couple of simple questions you and your teenager will need to sit down and think about.

I stand by a 2 to 4 man popup dome tent as the ideal tent for a teenager. There easy to set up and pack away. They don’t use many parts and don’t weigh much.

You can get a dome tent in many colors, and in my opinion, the design and style look pretty cool. Dome tents come in 3 and 4 season versions, making them a very versatile tent for your teen and the whole family.

I recently wrote a great post about buying a tent, this post was written for you the parent an adults in mind. Read tips for buying a camping tent here

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