Covid-19 Isolated Plan A Camping Trip.

Covid-19 Isolated Plan A Camping Trip.


hey welcome again just want to thank everyone for the nice comments and all the support means a lot.

Well today I want to talk about Planning a camping trip and how now is the best time to start planning and getting everything in order for as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Let’s face it no one is going to be going straight back to work Restrictions will slowly be lifted and when they do wouldn’t the first thing you want to be doing, be taking in the beautiful outdoors beers and BBQs with some mates. My husband and I are just hanging to take the kids away as well.

So now is the perfect time (seeing as most of us have so much of it right now) to plan that perfect “Restrictions have been lifted, killer weekend camping trip”. I know that’s what we are doing right now.

Check your gear set it up in the yard make sure everything is in working order. Get it packed up neat and ready for when the day comes.

Order in new parts and maybe some special gear you have been dying to try, treat yourself you deserve it.

Covid-19 Isolation doest have to be misery make it exciting by planning all the fun things your going todo as soon as you can leave the hose like normal again.

Sorry for the short post, but sadly we haven’t had much time to go camping the last few months new baby then Covid-19. as soon as all this is over we will start heading back out into the wilderness once again. This time with a new addition to the family.

We have some great plans this year and can’t wait to continue to bring you guys great posts you enjoy.

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Hi, my name is Becca I'm a mum and wife and I love camping with my family. I started this blog to share great information about tents and camping.