Living In a Tent Long Term? Here’s What You Need To Consider

Living In a Tent Long Term? Here’s What You Need To Consider


Last year i wrote a post titled Can you live in a tent long term? and it was one of our best articles so far on this website. So today i want to delve into the topic a little bit deeper.

Most of you may not know i have lived in a tent for 1 year + at a time twice in my life. It’s more than doable and very fun if you plan right.

Release the shackles of the 9 to 5 rat race and live life.

Tent camping is wonderful and long term camping is even better, the whole world is your living room.

Long Term Tent Living. Things I Recommend You Think About?

Like any camping trip you need to plan ahead. Have an idea of the country conditions you will be living in and always have contact even if small with the outside world.

A phone call at a certain time each few days or week is really handy if something goes wrong, At lest someone will know something is not right.

You also need to know if your going to be moving around from place to place. If so this will majorly impact the gear you take and the road you walk on your adventure of a life time.

Food can be hard when going solo and there is nothing i can tell you to pack that you could carry that would last you 12 months. Food is something that needs to be sourced on the road.

Your going to need to consider Raining weather, Hot Weather, repairs, mould, Security and entertainment.

Now if your a lucky person who has some land or has been given permissions on land to pitch tent and stay for as long as you like. Then lucky you, everything just got 90% easier.

You can literally just stock up on food and water & live like a king.

However, if moving around then your probably going to be stealth camping a lot. Stealth camping is something I’m going to write a post about soon. Link Here Soon!

So lets break it down some pros and cons to living in a tent long term.

Pros & Cons To Living In a Tent Long Term

FreedomNo Address
Cheap LivingSecurity
Save MoneyChallenging With Children
TravelVery Small Space
Simple Life?

It’s honestly very hard for me to see any cons to living in a tent long term because I’ve done it twice i know how easy it is and how awesome it is. So cons, well, not too many.

So whats the reality of living in a tent long term?

Your going to either be fixed in one location prepped to the brim ready for the year to come. Read This post for more info


Your going to be travelling, stealth camping most nights, with minimal supplies.

Probably a lightweight backpack, a sleeping bag, inflatable pillow, hammock or tarp shelter, & roll out yoga mat.

You would have your basic fire starting tools, maybe a slingshot to hunt birds for food. fishing kit if you have that option, Clothing, some long life foods in your pack such as powdered soups, or stock cubes & spices.

Knife, plate, fork. Minimal as possible your going to basically be walking for a year or as long as you go for anyway, sounds crazy but your going to be hiking my friend. The last thing you need is a pack so heavy you can’t lift it.

Whats the Ideal Scenario For Living In A Tent Long Term?

Ideally you would be just out of school before embarking on your journey of grown up life Or a young family that has permissions on a property. Nothing better than raising small children in nature.

While living in a tent long term can be for anyone of any age, ideally you would want to be younger, when you get older the comforts of a caravan or RV seem much more appealing to most 🙂


Living in a tent long term, is really a big decision but if everything aligns right, and you plan and prepare, there’s no doubt in my mind your going to have the best time of your life.

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