Can you repair a Nylon tent?

Can you repair a Nylon tent?


If you’re like my family and me, You really love camping and go often. When a tent gets a lot of use you may find, over time, rips start to show in your tent. The question is, can you & is it possible to repair a tent at home or while camping.

The answer is yes, and there are lots of great products on the market you can use that will fix a rip in a tent. You can also use some tent repair hacks from household items to repair your tent for a lot cheaper.

In this post, I’ll show you some great tent repair hacks for big and large size rips in your tent fabric. I’ll also show you how to do all this, with a few simple household items you probably have at home already.

Simple hacks to fix small rips in a tent

Simple hacks to fix small rips in a tent

Repairing small rips in your tent can be done quite easily. Just try the simple hacks to get your tent tip-top shape in no time at all. You will need a few items you might even have laying around the house. read my simple hacks to fix your tent below.

Repair a small rip in a nylon tent wall

If a rip has appeared on the nylon walls and not in the mesh screens the quickest way to fix it by far is to use gorilla tape or good old gaffer tape. Both tapes work similarly, I prefer gorilla tape I think it sticks better.

You will need to cut a piece of tape so it covers the rip in your tent, You can never really use to much tape, So be generous with how much extra tape you use.

Rule of thumb is to make sure you covered the hole and have 3 inches of overhang. For extra strength add tape to the other side of the hole.

follow this hack and the rip will be fixed and should last a while. The best thing is it’s easy to patch again should the patch fall off and or a new rip starts.

Repair a small rip in a tent mesh screen

If your rip is in the mesh screens of your tent I would suggest sowing it back together with cotton or fishing line.

You would simply take a length of string or line and use a needle to stitch the mesh screens back together. Any type of stitch will do the trick, if you use thin clear fishing line there is a good chance you will hardly see the stitching either.

This simple repair hack will last a very long time, possibly as long as the life of your tent.

Repair a small rip in a canvas tent

While tape will hold a canvas tent together and potentially fix the rip in the tent. It’s probably not practical to do it that way for a long time.

Your best option is to repair the canvas tent with needle and thread. Tight stitching with cotton or fishing line works well.

Waterproofing the stitching after with candle wax can help with leaking.

Simple Hacks to fix a large holes in a tent

Simple Hacks to fix a large holes in a tent

Repairing large holes in your tent will take a little more effort but is still achievable. however, unless your in currently camping and need shelter your best option for large rips is to just replace the tent.

Repair a large rip in a nylon tent wall

You could use tape, and that will work as an emergency option. You would do this in the same way you would if repairing a small rip. See above for information on how to do that.

You could sow the tent with cotton or fishing line and then tape the stitching for extra strength. However, when you get home you should replace the tent if the rip is too large.

Repair a large rip in a tent mesh screen

Repairing a large rip in the mesh screen of your tent is not as hard as it sounds. You will have to do a lot of stitching but you will be able to repair it.

Simply sow the mesh back together using cotton or fishing line. Using clear fishing line will be a little less visible making the stitching not stand out too much.

Follow the instruction above on how to repair a small rip in tent mesh the process is much the same.

If the hole is very large find some other mesh and sow in a patch. It will stand out quite a lot but will fix the very big hole, while still performing its job.

Repair a large rip in a canvas tent

Canvas tents are excellent when rips occur they are by far the easiest to repair. They tend to last longer before rips occur as well making the need for repair, not a big issue.

If you need to repair a large hole in a canvas tent simple stitch it back together and use wax or rubber glue that will seal the stitches. You can also use wax for a temporary sealing solution.

If stitched tightly and sealed properly the fix will last a very long time, though the patch will stand out a lot. I kinda think a patchwork quilt look on an old canvas tent looks nice, gives your tent some character.

Will my tent still be waterproof after fixing?

Will my tent be waterproof still

There’s a very good chance after following the above steps and if you did them right your tent will still be waterproof. There a bunch of sealants that can be used you can buy.

If you wanted a cheaper option you could use some silicone glue or rubber glue you might have in the shed. If you don’t have silicon or shoe rubber glue you can pick it up cheap from a local hardware store and it will give you more bang for the buck, than the proper tent repair glues.

To answer the question, yes your tent will still be waterproof if it was waterproof before. If by some chance you are finding leaks where the hole was, add more glue to the stitching or add glue around the rip then tape the area allowing the glue and tape to set.


While these are some very simple hacks you can do at home or while at camp there are a bunch of really great products you can buy online to fix your tent. I’d suggest a few of them as they are great products. However, these simple hacks will do the job on a budget and in some cases will fix the rip a lot better.

So In this post i’ve given you the simplest way to repair the tear in your tent on the cheap and without much effort.

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