The Humble Slingshot, The Perfect Survival Hunting Tool For Campers

The Humble Slingshot, The Perfect Survival Hunting Tool For Campers


In today’s post, I want to touch on using a slingshot for small game hunting while tent camping. This post will give you an idea of why slingshots are a perfect hunting weapon to pack for your next camping trip.

This post will cover a few common questions about slingshots, how to aim and shoot them, types of small game animals they are used to hunt, what ammo you will need and lots more.

I’ll also talk about my personal experience with slingshots and why I and many other successful seasoned hunters believe they are a perfect addition to any tent campers kit.

Why We Believe a slingshot is perfect for camping trips.

hunting bag

Slingshots are making a huge comeback and have been on a steady increase in popularity over the last 10 years.

With major organizations around the globe holding world slingshot championships and small slingshot shooting clubs popping up all the time.

It’s quite clear to see that slingshots are here to stay.

Due to it being lightweight and its small size, it takes up next to zero room in a backpack. It’s a must-pack item, if you like to catch and cook.

For me, it’s slingshot then fishing rod.

Slingshots can provide hours of fun around the camp and could even put a meal on the table.

At a fraction of the size of any firearm or bow used in hunting, slingshots are still highly accurate and pack some major stopping power.

If your not a hunter you can still use slingshots with target ammo to have lots of fun with friends while tent camping.

In general a slingshot is quite to shoot, Accurate, stealthy and pocket-able. Another bonus is it can be used to hunt a large selection of small game species. In most places that a slingshot is legal you are not required to undergo the rigorous approval process that you would if applying for a gun.

What YOU need to consider when hunting with a slingshot?

Disclaimer: Slingshots are not legal everywhere please contact your local police department to find out the law In your country.

For plinking cans out around the camp site a few small roundish rocks, some rubber bands linked together, Something for a pouch, all tied to a natural tree fork; will be more than suffice.

However, when we start thinking about hunting with a slingshot there are a few things we need to consider.

  • What are we hunting?
  • What Bands Are We Using?
  • How Far Are We Shooting From?
  • What Ammo Works For Small Game?

NOTE: Like hunting animals with anything, you need to show the animals respect, if you cant hit a coke can 10x in a row @ 20 feet you shouldn’t be hunting; unless it’s live or die survival.

Majority of hunting with a slingshot is small game animals, squirrels, possum, birds, mice rats & even fish etc..

Knowing what we are hunting is important, because this tells us roughly how far we are going to shoot from. Small game can be very fast moving, so your not going to get within 20 Foot very often. .

Before You Go Hunting You Need A Frame! Here’s How to get one Free?

We highly suggest any new budding slingshot enthusiast should first make a tree fork or wooden natural slingshot. They are free in most cases and work very well. Top competition shooters & small game hunters around the globe still use them to this day with great results.

However slingshots are like nice sports cars. When you start getting into the hobby You can’t help but buy custom made frames & some slingshots sell for up to 1000$ and probably much more.

You can get some great budget slingshot Frames on eBay & aliexpress. However, I highly recommend making your own to start with. There’s a great Facebook group with free plans if you have a nice workshop. Slingshot designs & plans FB Group & you can also check out a group I started Global Slingshot Club. Alternatively if limited with tools and skill Just cut a fork from a tree and it will work just fine.

That brings us to bandsets/elastic & ammo. Possibly the most argued thing in every forum and Fb group, “what is the best”

Slingshot Hunting A Band & Ammo Combo That Works

Most of the time slingshot hunters are using flat bands, while the old school tube bands are still being used on the rare occasions.

For hunting you can use either of the two, so long as the ammo and band combo fires the projectile at least 200-250 ft per second and the projectile is about 125 grains. This is all subjective & Is the cause for many an argument amongst slingshot shooters.

Roughly translated in to normal people talk, 0.65mm OR 0.70mm flat band Cut 2mm wide, 25mm ( This is Draw Length & Is different for everyone ) long. With a 9.5mm steel ball bearing for ammo. This setup will put supper on your plate, one well placed shot on any small game granted it’s a head or neck shot is all it will take.

Watch this video on draw length by Gamekeeper John, One UK’s Top Shooters

How to aim a slingshot

There’s actually lots of ways to aim a slingshot and lots of different styles of shooting too. Semi Butterfly, Butterfly, Short Draw, OTT, TTF, Gangster Style etc..

When starting out a mix of short draw and gangster style on a OTT slingshot is best. Without confusing you too much OTT = Over the top. But all these little short names you will pick up pretty quick after all it’s rubber bands and a tree fork.

I Believe learning to aim is best done via video and it’s how i taught myself. so Check out the video below for more info on aiming.

Learn To Aim & Shoot A Slingshot In 7 Steps

Slingshot youtube channels I recommend

There are a bunch of great YouTube channels that helped me become a better shooter. i even created a website all about slingshots its a manually curated YouTube videos website all about slingshots.

Visit For the best Slingshot videos, tutorials, and community.


In our minds here at tent report slingshots are possibly the best survival hunting tool. Pocket-ability Relaxed laws in most cases not requiring a licence to possess and shoot one. Ease of use, minimal parts / less points of malfunction. The ability to make one out of almost anything so long as you can find any type of elastic.

We hope this post opens your eyes to the power of a slingshot. maybe you can try one on your next camping & hunting trip.

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