9 Essential safety tips for solo camping as a woman

9 Essential safety tips for solo camping as a woman


Let us talk about solo camping as a woman, and how you can feel a little safer at night alone in your tent. There are many ways a woman can feel safe while camping and in this post, I’m going to list a few methods that will help.

camping can be one of the best ways to see The Great Outdoors but camping solo as a woman can get a little bit intimidating you have to worry about wildlife hurting yourself and possibly an attack from someone that sees that you’re a woman camping alone.

There are lots of things that can make a woman be scared to camp solo In The Great Outdoors here are my tips two maybe alleviate some of that for you and help you enjoy your next solo camping trip.

1. Learn self-defense

Woman using mace on an attacker

Learning some self-defense can be an invaluable tool for camping solo in the Wilderness, not to mention just a great general skill for a woman to have in everyday life.

It may seem pointless learning some basic martial arts just to go camping, but it could be something that saves your life.

I’d suggest just your basic karate and some self-defense moves. You can find tons of classes more than likely in your local City, depending on how small your city is, however.

If you are lacking in self-defense classes in your local city or country you can always watch on YouTube and learn the basics.

Just practice on a dummy, a friend or family member, but go easy on them.

2. Carry a weapon

Photo By Ajari / CC BY 2.0

You could try carrying a small knife or some sort of self-defense weapon that’s easily concealed. There’s a bunch of great little tools that you can find on eBay, Amazon and cool little gadget sites. Just type woman’s self-defense gadgets in google.

Now you might not be completely comfortable using a weapon but it may be something that you might need to consider. Start by checking out some of the little gadgets that are used for women and self-defense. You might be quite surprised how cool and non-lethal some of them may be.

One of the best I’d suggest is pepper spray. However, Depending on where you’re from in the world, America, Australia, UK, you may not be able to get your hands on some pepper spray.

There are some alternatives to pepper spray, check out some of the gadget sites found online these days. Maybe view some YouTube videos on how to make pepper spray and keep a small bottle of it made up in your bag or on a lanyard around the neck.

If something does go wrong you can always pull it out and be ready to use it.

View this video on how to make simple pepper spray at home.

3. Tell Friends Where You’re Going

If you’re a woman planning to go on a solo camping trip. It’s in your best interest to tell friends or family where you’re planning to go and when you plan to arrive back home. This seems pretty basic but a lot of people actually forget this step, Men & Women alike. They think “I’m just going camping for a few days and I’ll be home in a few days no need to bother anyone”.

It’s my suggestion that you do let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be home. If there is a park ranger where you’re camping let them know that you’re camping alone, they might be able to keep an eye on you and let you know if there’s anyone suspicious in your location.

While telling a park ranger that you’re alone is ok, I would try and keep this information from other campers or try and keep away from other campers that may be a single man or a little bit rough around the edges.

However, if you are in a busy campsite with a few people around that you can hear or see it’s not really going to hurt to get to know your neighbors they could be someone that could help you in your time of need. Learn to gauge the situation, learn to read people, and in the long run, they could help you.

4. Learn Some Survival Skills

Learn some survival skills even just the basics how to make rope or cordage, how to prepare food, how to catch fish, how to purify your own water, how to build shelter, how to fix wounds and bandage yourself up. These basic survival skills will give you a little self-confidence that you can survive on your own.

There’s a ton of Great resources online. You can watch YouTube videos, there’s a bunch of forums and blogs, that will help you get the basic information on how to prepare while camping. While I wouldn’t spend too much time learning to survive and prepare, I would give it a little bit of thought.

Practice the survival skills I mentioned above, those ones will really help you and they will give you a bit more confidence when camping on a solo trip.

Watch this Survival Channel By Survival Lilly

Possibly the best female survivalist I’ve watched on youtube would be survival Lilly she is awesome.

servival lilly logo

5. Choose Familiar Camp locations

If your uneasy about camping alone yet you still want to do it anyway, why not pick a campsite that is close enough to local shops and people yet is still just far enough away that you can avoid them if you really want to.

This will help you build up your confidence and give you the relaxation and peace you were looking for from your camping trip however if something does go wrong your only a short distance from help.

6. Bring emergency devices

Personal Location Devices

Bringing emergency location devices, flares or even a mirror can be a savior, I’d suggest a PLB a one-time use device that will surely save your life if it needs saving.

Personal locator beacons are the safety net of backcountry travel. They’re simple electronic devices, usually with sealed mechanisms, that are meant to be used a single time. When you use a PLB it’s a life or death emergency that will result in a full-scale rescue mobilization.

having a PLB or flares in your pack could make a difference and you will be glad you brought it along when & if the time calls for it.

The simple option is some handheld signaling mirrors or flashlights for night time, however, these options require for someone to know you’re lost and be looking for you already.

This is why I would suggest a PLB for this type of situation.

7. Having faith in your abilities

Having faith in your abilities when camping is a great way to ensure your confidence level is where it needs to be. Being confident is a great way to feel safe.

If you’re confident in your self and your abilities then any fear you may have about your survival and safety should not and will not exist.

8. Make it look like there is 2

This seems like a lot of work but I thought I should add it anyway. If you’re really wanting to camp solo but are just so worried, you could make it look like your not alone. Adding another camp chair out front of the site, maybe a second coffee cup, this could be enough to deter someone you wouldn’t want around you.

9. Research your campsite

One of the best things for peace of mind when solo camping is research before you leave for your solo adventure. Such a simple thing, yet overlooked often by many.

Doing some simple research of where your going, the best time of year to go, local animals found, things to expect, other peoples experiences in that location all can help you have a great camping trip and make you feel a lot safer doing it solo.


While camping can be dangerous the things that make it dangerous are the same for men and woman. the real danger for a woman is an attacker or someone, noticing they’re alone and trying to take advantage of the situation. This issue will happen walking down the street, walking to your car at night or anywhere you’re alone.

If your not confident in your abilities or have zero self-defense skills and you’re unfamiliar with your camping location, This is when issues could arise. Maybe you should consider going with friends first. If you’re still determined to go camping alone, your only real worry will be an attacker. So just be careful, bring some pepper spray and watch a few self-defense videos or take a class or two.

I really hope this video helped point you in the right direction for feeling safe as a woman solo camping. if you got something from this post please rate the post or leave a comment. We have a great community here so why not make an account and join our forums. You can sign up by checking out our community menu tab.

Enjoy your next camping trip and be safe.

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