How to tent camp in Hot weather?

How to tent camp in Hot weather?


Camping is so much fun in the sun and most would agree it’s much nicer than camping in the rain and stormy winds. There is a problem with tent camping in the heat. It gets very hot inside your tent.

Today we want to share some tips for enjoying the summer sun and keeping your tent cool, both during the day and at night. This is imperative if you are camping with small children or elderly family or on a hot day & night?

How to keep cool camping on a hot day or night?

1. Find A Shady Place To Pitch Tent

If it’s possible you should try to find a nice shady spot to pitch your tent. This will help so much in keeping your tent and your belongings cool during the hot days.

2. Remove You’re Tents Rain Cover

Try removing the rain cover from your tent at night and let the air breath through the tent. This will help to cool the tents internal space down.

3.Try A Moist Face Cloth

If you also wet a towel or face washer, gently wiping your forehead with this will help lower your bodies temperature.

4. Open All Vents & Tent Curtains

Open the vents and curtains, while this is a simple thing to do but for some reason, many people close the vents and zip up the curtains. While doing this is a great idea for privacy, it is, however, a terrible idea if you’re feeling hot in a tent.

5. Pack Up Your Tent During The Day

You could also pack up your tent during the day, while this requires a little more effort, it can help keep your sleeping quarters cool.

6. Use A Battery Or Solar Fan

The use of solar or battery powered fans can make all the difference in you getting a good nights sleep in your tent.

7. Try Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated in the hot summer sun will decrease the risk of heat stroke. Drinking plenty of water on a hot day will also cool you down by helping you sweat more.

8. Try A Polycotton Or Canvas Tent

You could also try a Polycotton tent or canvas tent, thanks to natural fibers being more breathable in warm weather, allowing more air to pass through the tent.

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Picking the ideal campsite in summer weather.

There are a few things you should know when choosing the ideal summer campsite for your trip away. Try some of these tips when next scoping out the perfect campsite for you and your family.

  1. Always try and choose a well-shaded area and pitch your tent here. shading out some of the suns rays will help in keeping your tent cool and the space you will be relaxing in during the day.
  2. Try to choose a place to pitch a tent that has water very close nearby. This helps cool things down and gives you something relaxing to listen too.
  3. Try camping on thick lush grass over to dry grass or dirt. I have no evidence to back this up but no matter how hot things get, the grass is always cool and soothing to me. Have no idea why, but try it and it might help you.

Buying a tent for summer camping, look for these things!

summer camp

If your thinking you will do most of your camping in the hot summer months. You might want to consider a summer tent.

Summer tents more often than not have extra mesh allowing the wind and breeze to flow through. This aids in making the tent cooler overall. You will find a lot of the summer tents use special natural fiber fabrics helping to keep the tent cool.

Camping fans for hot summer nights

Camping fans are pretty straight forward or are they. These days you have lots of options when it comes to portable camping fans.

  • Battery operated
  • 12-volt power operated
  • Hand crank fans
  • Solar powered fans

Finding the right one can be a bit of a chore. The only real way to know what one to get is to know about the kit you currently have or alternatively know what gear your planning to buy in the future. You can check out some great fans on Amazon, or visit your local camping store for more ideas on what one you should purchase.

You need to know if your planning on taking a portable solar kit, a portable generator or batteries with you when camping. This will ultimately narrow down your options on what portable fan to purchase.

Choosing the right sleeping bag for hot night camping.

With an abundant amount of sleeping bags to choose from finding the right one for a hot summer night would seem like a challenge. however you really only need one vital bit of information you would want to ask the sales assistant or look for on an online shop and that’s the sleeping bags temperature rating.

The temperature rating basically tells you what the ideal temperature would be for that particular sleeping bags use.

Should you bring a fridge or powered eski on a hot day of camping?

If your planning to go camping on a hot summer day and have the extra cash to shell out for a small camping fridge, Then why not go ahead and do it. having a nice cold fridge would be sensational during the hot summer days and will allow you to chill water, ice, and other cool refreshments. This will ensure you and the kids are cool all camping trip.

There are 2 ways to run a portable fridge and they are with either a portable solar panel kit, a portable generator or some version work with kerosene.

Is solar a more convenient option Vs a petrol generator?

solar panel

Overall a small petrol generator compared to a portable solar panel kit of the same weight and size would more than likely give you more bang for your buck, however, it doesn’t really sit well with me having a noisy buzzing generator right next to me while I’m trying to relax.

The choice is all yours though solar panel kits are pretty cheap these days and with 2 or 3 of them around your campsite on a very sunny day, you would be loving life because of all the things you could power.

I always try to go the greenest I can when camping. With that said a generator just works and you can buy some pretty quiet ones nowadays.

Tips to keep the kids cool

During the day there are endless options to keep the little kiddies happy and cool. i’d suggest trying some of these ideas.

  • Water balloons
  • Water pistols
  • Kids inflatable pools

Night time is where it gets hard to keep the kids cool. I would suggest trying the wet face washer along with a small battery fan wetting their foreheads and then turning the fan on them. this should help in lowering their core temperature on those hot nights.

if you do have a fridge try putting some ice in a resealable bag and sticky tape the seal totally shut and place this in their sleeping bag. it will work until it melts.

Bonus Tips

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What we have learnt today.

We have covered a few ways to keep cool on a hot day while camping and touched on a few methods for powering some of the gear we might want to bring along camping with us.

All in all the most simplest way to keep cool in a tent is to buy the right gear for the right season.

Summer tent, Summer Sleeping bags, Find a shady campsite, Use wet face towels, Try out an affordable camping fan and drink plenty of water.

I really hope you enjoy your summer camping trip. If this post helped you plan for the heat why not leave a comment or rate this post below using the review stars.

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