Tent Camping In The Rain – Here’s What You Need To Know

Tent Camping In The Rain – Here’s What You Need To Know


Rain can happen and it’s not always predictable. But Tent Camping In The Rain doesn’t have to be the end of your camping trip. If you follow these tips and helpful pointers below, your wet soggy camping trip will be just as bright as it is in the warmer dryer months.

1. Check Weather Forecast Before Camping.

I know it sounds obvious but you may have even done it yourself, forgetting to check the weather forecast before going tent camping. It’s a simple precaution you really can’t forget. there are no excuses either! we have a weather widget in our sidebar here on TentReport.com it’s the green box you can find your state and country on there as well.

2. Get To Know The 5 P’s

Proper, planning, prevents, piss poor, performance.

It’s an old military saying and for good reason. Regardless if the weather report says its gonna be sunny your entire trip away. You would be advised to prepare the proper contingencies.

While checking the weather beforehand is great weather forecast are not always 100% accurate, so it’s always best to be prepared.

3. Pack Suitable Wet Weather Clothing

If it’s raining you should always pack the appropriate clothing. However, what happens when it’s not raining, but then it starts raining and your miles from home?

My suggestion is to never leave home without a poncho or super lightweight waterproof gear. Most ponchos fit in your pocket and work well enough to keep you reasonably dry. however, if you have not brought one – using a garbage bag is also another option.

If you don’t have a garbage bag either then my question is “what are you doing with your rubbish when tent camping?” Hope you are not one of those people that leave it lying around.

Umbrellas are another useful accessory that takes up hardly any room and is very versatile. Too sunny use the umbrella to wet use the umbrella they are handy to have around.

Besides, when you need to go for a loo break your going to want that umbrella. It will save the freezing cold and wet 20-meter dash to the Dunny.

4. Make Sure You Have The Right Tent For The Conditions

Not all tents are created equal, and one tent that’s perfect for summer, will be catastrophic if used in wet season.

There are just so many tents on the market and every country has a different climate. my suggestion on this is to talk with your local outdoor specialist. Price, material, Season, Ease of Setup, & Pack up are all things to be considered.

However, Our family personally uses the Wanderer 430 Extreme Tourer Canvas 7P tent. This thing is tough as tough gets and we love it. The Canvas is so durable and the gusseted windows are brilliant Perfect for those rainy days.

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Ultimately choosing the right tent for wet weather will be the number one action you can take to prevent a wet and miserable Tent camping Experience, choose wisely & honestly don’t be cheap, you will regret it later trust me.

5. In Tent Entertainment & Games

Well, it’s raining and not a lot you can do about it. However, it doesn’t have to ruin your trip.

I wrote a post in the past about 22 camping activities some of the activities mentioned in that post will apply here.

Basically, you don’t want to go crazy staring at the tent shaking. And you can’t sleep for days on end waiting out the rain. Create some fun & memories and play board games or even reading a book will help pass the time.

You will find lots of board games have travel sizes nowadays and they take up next to zero room in your pack. So why not throw a few of your favorites in there, monopoly, snakes and ladders, checkers, chess, cards & backgammon all come to mind for us, but there are hundreds of options.

6. Power! Do You Need It? & Do You Have Enough?

Most people go camping to get away from TV Mobiles and bothers of life. However, sometimes it’s nice to get comfy in the tent with a loved one or the kids and watch some Youtube or videos.

If you don’t need to charge a phone or watch movies then pay no attention to this. However, if you do, you might want to consider how your powering things in the rain.

There is a good chance your solar set up wont produce nearly enough power during wet cloudy days. Also generators that power appliances like laptops cost an arm and a leg.

However we found a really cheap workaround for the issue of powering and charging devices while tent camping.

We use a simple portable car jump starter – Mechpro Mechpro Jump Starter – 1200A. Just google portable car jump starters We got ours from Repco but you may find them somewhere else in your state and country and they may even look different. We recommend the 1200 amp one it lasts a long time.

This thing is great charges our phones and anything that runs off a cigarette car lighter, including this special Imac pro charger we got from eBay for 35$

This whole setup basically can power our camp for over 5 days. All up including the Imac charger costs less than 250$ AUD. That’s a fraction of the cost of 2+ k solar & generator setups out there that do the same thing.

The only downside, you need to make sure you are fully charged before embarking on your adventure.

Plus side having this inside your tent will reduce the chance of electrocution you may get from power cords plugging into powered campsites in the rain.

7. Cooking In The Rain

Rain, hail or shine, your going to need to eat, problem is cooking on a campfire in the rain is pretty hard not to mention moral crushing.

Not all campsites have Covered BBQ area’s either so to get past this just buy a simple single burner gas powered cooker. You can use these inside a tent if your careful & have the right ventilation. vestibules are another great place to fire them up and cook your dinner.

There are a lot of great single gas cookers out there for camping. We just use a simple cheap one and hasn’t let us down yet.


There is only a handful of things you need to know about Tent camping in the rain. I think the most important is to be prepared.

If you prepared properly you will know how your going to stay dry and what you will do while it’s raining in your tent, and how your going to prepare your meals.

Don’t Forget The 5 P’s

Have fun your next camping trip even when it’s raining.

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