Can You Tent Camp While Pregnant or With Babies?

Can You Tent Camp While Pregnant or With Babies?


Is it safe to tent camp with a small baby or pregnant women? It’s a question any new mother or father would be interested in knowing for sure; Before they put their unborn child or small baby in danger. I myself am a mother who loves tent camping and when I got pregnant I had to ask the question. Can you tent camp while pregnant & with babies?

The answer is Yes. You most certainly can tent camp while pregnant & with babies. But pay close attention to weather conditions & pack accordingly. Check out the rest of the post for tips, facts & information, for pregnant women & women with babies who are going tent camping.

Tent Camping With Babies

Tent camping with babies and small children is a great opportunity to teach them about the wonderful great outdoors and survival, from a very young age.

In fact, it’s actually really good for kids to share these experiences with family from an early age.

When you have babies with you while camping, there are a few things id suggest taking and trying to make the experience more enjoyable for you and baby.

Getting Around The Campsite & Local Area With A Baby?

For getting around a pram or stroller are great but bulky, try using a harness. The harness frees up your hands & makes life easier around your campsite.

You can get some pretty tactical looking harnesses these days. Like the one in the picture above. just look online but always check the safety rating don’t get some cheap product.

Once you can become more mobile with a baby around the campsite, you find a lot more things you can now do; Making the trip better for both of you.

Sleeping Arrangments For Baby & You

The other major consideration you will need to think about is sleeping arrangements. if you co-sleep at home then it’ not much different.

Baby camping bed

However, there are baby camping beds you can get to keep baby safer during the night. Personally, I think this is a better idea.

With that said we slept in the same tent on the same mattress with our son and never squashed him.

Everyone is different. Your safest option is to get a baby camping bed for peace of mind though if you are worried you’re a deep sleeper.

To Breast Feed, Bottle Feed Or Other While Tent Camping

If you can breastfeed you should. Breastfeeding is the easiest, cleanest way to feed a baby in the great outdoors. It requires little to no sterilization and creates the least amount of waste.

However, if it’s not possible you can use powdered formula while camping. Just remember you will need to bring a pot big enough to sterilize all your bottles; before giving to baby.

When camping with babies ready to eat mushy foods; try to make mash foods for baby using fresh veggies instead of bringing glass and tinned food in your pack.

It’s much easier to carry a few potatoes and pumpkin than a bunch of glass baby food jars.

Tent Camping While Pregnant

Tent camping while pregnant is amazing, you can get this beautiful feeling of the great outdoors while the high of being pregnant. However, other times you can feel sick tired and uncomfortable.

Let’s consider some options to make you feel comfortable tent camping. The main problems you’re going to face when tent camping while pregnant is sleeping at night ( this is no worse than sleeping at night at home) showers and toilets.

I’ve got a few suggestions for these concerns so if your worried about these things keep reading.

Tips For Better Sleep While Tent Camping Pregnant

Sleeping in a tent can be just as comfortable as sleeping at home in bed if you pack the right gear. I’m not going to sell you on products recommendations but I will suggest using common sense.

If you’re at home in bed do you use a pillow to support you? well, you might need them pillows when tent camping.

I also suggest using extra padding for your bed. If possible getting a 2 man tent just for you and a large mattress you can sleep on comfortably with a few pillows; isn’t a bad idea.

I wrote a post about getting a good nights sleep while tent camping and it has some useful information in it about padding choices from nature and how to use it. could come in handy if you’re on a budget.

Toilet Facilities and Showering While Camping Pregnant

Your other issues are showering and toilets. however, this can easily be overcome just by camping in a caravan or camping park with these facilities.

You may find it can’t be avoided and you have to camp somewhere with no toilet or shower.

In the case of no toilet, you will need a good tall bucket, easy to get. Add a Pool noodle to the top for extra comfort; you can line the bucket with a bag sit on it and do your business.

Watch This to learn how to make a bucket toilet

Your other issue will be having a nice shower. There are lots of portable options online you can try designed for tent camping. however, you could just as easily make one at home.

Watch This Video On How To Make A Camp Shower DIY ↓

With these 3 simple things taken care of your going to have a much better time camping; You can enjoy the beautiful connection between you, your child and nature.

Camping Location & Weather Considerations

While I don’t think I need to say this, I feel I really should. While tent camping with a baby or pregnant is completely safe and good. You as a parent should consider weather conditions and locations.

What I mean by this is, no it’s not smart to go snow camping with a baby if you don’t have too or heading into the desert in the middle of summer.

Likewise with heading into bear country or any wild pigs locations etc.. babies smell could make the animals interested enough to come over for a look.

Be smart and know where you’re going when pregnant or with babies keep their first experiences casual & happy without to much of a challenge.

If you need the weather forecast for your area use the weather widget in the sidebar.


We now understand that camping while pregnant & with babies is completely fine and well. If your pregnant focus on getting a comfy mattress and your sleeping kit sorted; bring some pillows from home if you need.

You also now have an idea of how you’re going to shower and go to the toilet, if needed you can make your own camping bathroom.

We touched on some other great information as well and we hoped you really got some use out of the post.

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Thank you, good luck with the pregnancy and your next camping trip.

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