Tent Camping With A Baby Here’s 10 Ways To Make Sure Your Baby Has a Great Time!

Tent Camping With A Baby Here’s 10 Ways To Make Sure Your Baby Has a Great Time!


Tent camping with a baby is something we have become quite good at as parents and as writers for Tentreport. We have 2 small children one 10-month-old and one 4 year old. My Husband & I have been there done that when it comes to taking babies’ tent camping. In this post, we are going to share our top tips for camping with a baby & children under 5.

This post will include useful tips you can use to ensure your baby has the safest & well-planned Adventure while tent camping with you, on your next tent camping holiday.

1. know The Weather Conditions

Like everything and anytime you go camping you really need to check the weather before and it’s even more important now you have a tiny baby to worry about.

There’s a weather widget in the side bar on tent report. you should be able to locate your country and city and see a few days into the future.

A little pro tip: Bring a set other both clothes? Warm weather clothes such as singlets shorts, Etc.. and also Cold weather clothes, warm pants, jumpers & long-sleeved T’s.

It’s always best to be prepared. but don’t go overboard an extra set of clothes or maybe 2.

2. Sleeping Arrangements

This is acutally a pretty big one and it’s a pretty hot topic depending on who your talking to.

To Co-Sleep or Not To Co-Sleep That Is The Question.

Every family makes the decision to co-sleep or not so it’s totally up to you and if you don’t understand the risks of co-sleeping you should speak with a doctor or midwife.

For us we Co-sleep, we have had 2 healthy children and they never had an issue. Camping for us is easy we simply buy a larger tent than we need and a larger blowup mattress. Our daughter and I sleep on the Big queen blow up and my husband sleeps on his own blowup or in his swag like the guard dog he can be, bless his heart 🙂

However, if you are against the idea of Co-sleeping for whatever your reason, there are camping beds you can get from your local outdoor center or even online.

Lots of playpens also work if they are travel size.

The Pro Tip: Buy a tent much larger than you need! at least 3 people larger.

3. Play & Entertainment Area

Here’s something you will need when taking a baby or very young kids with you camping and that’s a play area. Like i mentioned above buying a tent at least 3 persons bigger than you need is a really smart move or you will go crazy chasing after a baby that wants to stick every rock, stick, and bug in it’s mouth.

When you buy a tent a larger than you need a lot of the time you may find it has partitions or sections making it a two + room tent, this is great for turning a section into a kids playroom.

The kids love it, and your going to love it, because you can rest assured knowing there not eating or getting bitten by a brown snake.

4. Food Preparation & Feeding

Boob is a wonderful thing, sorry to be so forward. if your feeding from the breast, you will have nothing to bother with.

If you’re not breastfeeding, then just bring formula as normal. keep reading as I’ll go through sterilization in the following topic below.

If your child is off the boob, and is on solids you have two options!

  • Feed them jar food it’s long life pretty much.
  • Feed them what your eating

both are fine.

5. Clothing & Bathing

As anytime you would go anywhere you will need to consider the clothing your child is going to need. this is impacted by weather, location, conditions. My advice is to start with the weather, pack for the conditions then pack for the opposite; but only a set or two.

Bathing is a little bit harder with a baby while camping, you have a few options.

  • Stay at a caravan park with facilities to wash and bath & Baby bath as parks wont provide this normally.
  • Bring a baby bath with you & A lot of extra water if going bush off grid
  • Go for shorter trips away and use wet wipes or water wipe to sponge bath your baby while camping.

Clothing and bathing is a breeze in the bush we just go for shorter trips use some water wipes. our 4 year old just swims in the river he’s a cutie.

6. Prams, Carriers & Highchairs

I do highly recommend bringing some form of device to carry your kids or put them somewhere. this really helps with set up and pack up, dinner time, bathing, and walks.

We use a walker like in the picture above, anything like this will do. it’s great for keeping our little Hope still while we set the camp up and pack it down. It’s also good to give her a feed of solids or rusk.

For walking we use a baby carrier, it straps bubs onto me there are lots of versions, wraps, ergo, do some research find the right option for you.

7. Medicines & Persihables

If your child has any special needs, going camping is a whole other ball game and your best option would be consulting your doctor.

If Your child doesn’t have any special requirements then id suggest bringing some Panadol or some child version of that. It’s always good to have just keep it in a fridge if your high tech or esky if your like us, it keeps ok.

Medicines are a tricky one and some can’t be exposed to heat or other elements, so you’re going to need to consider that when camping. You can get good portable fridges if it’s required but everything starts costing dollars pretty quick.

8. Sterilizing Baby Bottles, Dummies & Toys

As we all know babies need super clean bottles, and normally a tent camping environment is anything but clean.

But look it’s really this simple. Bring a big microwave container with a lid that fits a bottle, dummies, & small toys. Things your child sticks in its mouth.

Either just boil water, then put stuff in OR use a chemical clean.

Boiling usually is more than sufficient to kill any germs.

9. Two Is Better Than One Get Help With the kids.

Now Here’s the truth and im not going to lie, camping with babies and kids in general is much easier with help.

I’m lucky my husband is great with the kids and the whole process of camping and enjoying ourselves is just so much easier.

If your flying solo and more power to you, maybe ask for a mate or family member to come with you to give you hand. Everyone’s circumstances are different, But i highly recommend getting a hand even if the person just watches them while you go to the toilet.

10. Tent Camping won’t Be The Same For At Least 18 Years Now!

Camping won’t be the same for about 18 years now, but it’s another adventure in its own right. The memories you will build camping with your children are life-changing and there the wholesome memories a person rarely forgets.

Enjoy the time you have with your kids, and adore the great outdoors with them.

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