Welcome To Tent Report!

Welcome To Tent Report!


Welcome to Tent Report, My husband and I adore camping as a family And before we got married we spent a lot of time camping around Australia enjoying the countryside together in a tent.

Tent Report is our website where we share great camping locations, tents, Camping gear, information, and great advice; that will have you enjoying the great outdoors like never before.

Our Main focus here at Tent Report is to provide helpful real-world advice and information on camping and more specifically tent camping.

We are currently working on a bunch of great posts that will give you the best advice for your next camping trip.

Bookmark this site for great information on tents and camping. The content is coming soon and you can expect a post a week from us.

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Hi, my name is Becca I'm a mum and wife and I love camping with my family. I started this blog to share great information about tents and camping.

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  1. CampItUp

    Awesome start becca, can’t wait to see what comes next. Bookmarked