The Most Practical Canvas Tent On A Budget For The Australian Camper.

The Most Practical Canvas Tent On A Budget For The Australian Camper.


The Wanderer 430 Extreme Tourer 7 person tent, is one of the most affordable well-constructed tents. fine stitching & locking mechanisms. with added heat shielding, Ventilation In Wet Condition + Many other great features. Though I should Mention this tent is a great color and blends right in with the Australian bush for under 800 AUD this is an excellent family canvas tent and will last years.

Wanderer 430 Extreme Tourer

What a tent, we brought this tent back late last year and had the privilege of using it a few times since we brought it. It’s a top-notch tent with many great features and at its price point is really a steal.

The Wanderer 430 Extreme Tourer Has proven to be a winner, with it’s ease of setup quality stitching and craftsmanship.

They really did consider many things when putting this beauty together, and the australian sun was most certainly one of them.

The rain fly’s underside has a special reflective material added to help keep the inside of the tent cool and I can personally vouch for that. Averaging about 2 to 5 degrees cooler from my own personal test ( Nothing Too Scientific :/ ) the average could in fact be even better.

The wanderer 430 extreme has large gusseted windows so you can still get plenty of ventilation inside the tent, even when it’s raining.

While, it’s not recommended I have cooked under the rain fly extension, and inside the large main room with zero issues. I just had to have my morning coffee! 🙂 (DO AT YOUR OWN RISK)

When it’s raining you’re also protected by a sturdy 6 inch PVC bucket floor this is really an all-terrain style tent.

The 5 well-crafted alloy poles that help complete the tent, go together with ease and do basically lock into place without much assistance. Making setting up the tent just that little bit quicker, also the packing up is just as fast.

My suggestion for pack up though is to: unpack it carefully and take note of the folds or you will never get it back in the bag. There are only a few folds, we have it memorized now.

Key Features

  • Sturdy 6 inch bucket floors
  • Quality stitching with the right waterproofing precautions taken
  • Easy set up and pack up
  • Top-notch canvas material
  • Micro-Mesh stops everything.
  • Gusseted windows
  • Veranda Extension Built into Fly for easy setup
  • High-grade locking mechanisms
  • Sleeps 7 people in two or one room configurations it’s big
  • Color is perfect for the Australian bush
  • Special heat reflection tech to cool the inside of the Tent down during hot days.
  • The price is ridiculous at 800 AUD

Tent Report Rating Of The Wanderer 430 Extreme Tourer

This is the first tent we have ever given a rating too. So we have no rating system as yet to base anything on. maybe I’ll add one here sometime. for now though I’ll say if you looking for your next river trip tent, beach trip tent, 4×4 adventure tent, this is one you should consider. You can pick one up from for about $800 AUD.

Random Fact: My fav BCF store is in Mt Barker South Australia just off the southeastern freeway. Tell Ben Randell Sent you.


I’m am not an affiliate for this product and I would love to be. but in reality, this is just a great tent, and if your in the market for one and happen to have a chance to grab one of these, do it. you will love it.

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